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Notary’s office of Luis Miguel Ferrer García:

Experts in law at your disposal.

Our notary’s office is composed of highly qualified experts who have a lot of experience inorder to arrange legal matters and in doing so to guarantee the faith and the legality of documents as well as of activities within the bounds of privat law (civil and commercial law). 

The notary’s office of Luis Miguel Ferrer García is composed by a team of experts who are specialized in management of different notarial services.

We are experts who are commited with the transparency of their work. We award great importance to the consultancy in order that our customers can understand through the official channels with transparency the whole process related to the generation and authorisation of a public deed.

As we look into the future, our notary’s office combines efficiently the benevolences of the tradicio-nal notary’s office with the enormous advantages the newest technology can provide us.

Our work is based on the commitment, on the proximity and on the transparency.

To simplify the necessary official channels we ask you kindly to visit our section of services where we specify all the documents you have to provide us.

This website has no commercial aim

Nuestra notaría está integrada por profesionales de gran experiencia y altamente cualificados para intervenir en los asuntos de carácter jurídico, garantizando la fe y legalidad tanto de documentos como de actos dentro del marco del derecho privado en sus aspectos civil y mercantil.

Notaría de Luis Miguel Ferrer García está formada por un equipo de profesionales, especializado en la gestión de los diversos servicios notariales y experto en cada uno de sus campos de actuación.

In the same line of transparency and effectiveness we can assist you in English, Spanish, French and in German.
We also can offer you our service of translation.

Notary’s office of Luis miguel Ferrer García

A whole team of experts who is ready to give you a legal advice.

If you want to contact us we specify further down our names, departments and email ad-dresses.

If you have any question, please contact us


D. Luis Miguel Ferrer García. Notario

Email: notaria@notariaferrer.org


Óscar Ferrer García

Email: polizas@notariaferrer.org


Guiem Marqués Faner

Email: guiem@notariaferrer.org

Maite Allés Anglada

Email: maite@notariaferrer.org

Óscar Ferrer García

Email: oscar@notariaferrer.org


Àngels Anglada Bagur

Email: angels@notariaferrer.org


Annette Evelyn Ebert

Email: annette@notariaferrer.org


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